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Quality & Regulatory Specialist RN

Full Time

Job Summary

In collaboration with the Leadership Team, the Quality and Regulatory Specialist is responsible for leading hospital-wide activities to evaluate and improve adherence to state and federal regulatory agencies [i.e. Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) and CMS Conditions of Participation (CoPs).  This includes facilitating and ensuring ongoing survey readiness for accreditation as well as regulatory self-report and complaint investigations.  Identifies opportunities for improvements based on evidence-based practices in regulatory compliance, analysis of internal and external compliance/risk assessments and findings from regulatory authorities.

Experience, Knowledge and Skill

1.  Previous Experience Required:

3 years of nursing experience required
Prefer some experience with quality/process improvement and analytics/databases

2. Specialized or Technical Education Required:

Current RN licensure
Bachelor’s degree from accredited nursing program

3. Manual or Physical Skill Required:

Excellent people and communication skills, pleasing telephone voice, ability to react instantly, ability to handle more than one task efficiently, ability to meet and greet the public in a professional manner.  Knowledge of computer is required.  

4. Physical Effort Required:

Strength:  Sedentary; Push:  Occasionally; Pull:  Occasionally
Carry:  Occasionally; Lift:  Occasionally; Sit:  Frequently
Stand:  Occasionally; Walk:  Frequently

Requires prolonged periods of walking, standing, sitting, bending, stooping, kneeling, pushing and pulling with hands, and using fingers repetitively.
Must be able to move about to all hospital departments.
Must be able to work at personal computer or computer terminal for extended periods of time.
Occasional lifting of computer equipment, report binding, ledgers, and file boxes.


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Applicants Statement

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  1. I verify that all information on my application, resumes, and exhibits submitted to Hood Memorial Hospital are true, correct, and complete and any false or misleading information furnished by me regarding my application will be sufficient cause for rejection of application or immediate dismissal if employed by Hood Memorial Hospital. 
  2. I verify that my application is not a job offer or a contract for employment.  If hired, I understand that any employment will be “at will” and for an indefinite time period.  I understand that I may resign or be terminated by the facility at any time without notice or requirement for cause. 
  3. I verify that I authorize persons, schools, organizations, my current employer and previous employers (unless otherwise noted) named in the application and accompanying resume to provide any relevant information that may be required to arrive at an employment decision. 
  4. I verify that employment may be subject to completion of preemployment procedures including, but not limited to, employment /personal references, background investigation, criminal records check, driving record verification (if applicable) and licensure /registration/ certification verification (if applicable).
  5. I understand that during my employment, if hired, I will report to my immediate supervisors any drug-related criminal conviction within five days of the conviction. 
  6. I understand that following an offer of employment, I may be required to undergo a health assessment.  This examination may include, but is not limited to, screening for infections, diseases, alcohol, and drugs.  Failure to undergo and/or pass the health assessment will result in disqualification from employment.  Failure to truthfully answer inquiries about previous medical conditions may result in my forfeiture of Worker’s Compensation benefits under R.S.23:1208.1.
  7. If accepted for employment, I hereby agree to abide by the rules, policies, procedures, and Customer Service standards of Hood Memorial Hospital. 
  8. I understand, if hired, I will be on a three-month initial evaluation period (unless otherwise defined) during which time I may be discharged without recourse.
  9. If hired, I understand that my hours of employment and work schedule may be changed at the discretion of Hood Memorial Hospital.

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