Board Meeting

July 27, 2021

July 27, 2021


I.                   Call to Order

II.                Roll Call

THIS IS A PUBLICHEARING – anyone wishing to address the Board or comment on any agenda item for today’s meeting please come forward.

 III.              Approval of Minutes of Previous Meetings (Regular Board ofCommissioners Meetings June 22, 2021

IV.             Financial Report – Michael Magee, CFO

V.                Administrative Report – Mike Whittington, CEO

1.   FYE At A Glance

VI.             Management Report – Mike Whittington, CEO

1.    HR Dashboard

2.    Building and Grounds

3.    Quality/ Compliance

VII.           Appointments and Resignations

1.    Stephen Fischer, MD      

2.    Christopher Rouse, MD

3.    Sarah Frischhertz, MD

4.    Beau Saccoccia, MD

5.    Kayla Grover, NP

6.    Mark Daunis, MD

7.    Robert Harrold, MD

8.    Stat Rad Medical Group

VIII.        Executive Session Strategic Planning (Reserve the right to enter Executive Session)

IX.             New Business

1.   Resolution ordering and calling special election to authorize renewal of millage