we are the best kept Secret

Our growth

Hood Memorial Hospital opened its doors in April 1971 as an acute care hospital with 45 beds and approximately 75 employees. In April 2003, Hood Memorial Hospital converted to a critical access hospital (CAH) with 25 acute care beds that can also be used as swing beds. Our Hospital has experienced Administrative changes over the past few years that have led to a new strategic reflection and design.  With community partnerships, Hood Memorial Hospital will assure future growth and evolution.

HOOD MEMORIAL IS AMITE’S LONG-STANDING COMMUNITY SAFE HAVEN FOR HEALTHCARE, and has finally arrived at the thriving juncture in our journey to success after years of dormancy.

New Services & Programs

Due to the new programs and services provided at Hood Memorial, our patient census has gone from barely maintaining a mediocre status, to a level that is viable for the Hospital’s future.  Just this past year, Hood’s newly generated services and innovative programs, accompanied with a new management team, have greatly aided our growth endeavors.

Mid-level Practitioner program

The newly piloted Mid-Level Practitioner Program, which employs a physician assistant and a nurse practitioner, allows for the mid-level practitioners to assistant the leading practitioner by improving the continuity of patient care in the delivery of physician directed orders and nursing services.  It also improves quality outcomes and services by providing in-house direct supervision of patient care plans and treatments.


  • Women's health services

  • Expanded specialty clinics

  • Expanded Ultrasound Services & Hours

  • Initiated in-house wound care and dialysis

  • Introduced the Tulane Telestroke & Telemedicine Programs

  • Relocation of our rural health clinic

  • Introduction of the extended hours program

One of our most strategic and well planned efforts was the employment of  

  • Dr. Richard Bridges

    CHad Simmons, PA

  • Dr. Brian Todd Callihan

    Allen Ryan Seal, NP

  • Dr. Zachary Pray

    Dr. Zachary pray

    Family Medicine, Chief of Staff

Our Plan

Hood Memorial’s future is optimistically designed for a progressive Tangipahoa Parish.  Realizing the evolution of our community, Hood’s leadership team devised a plan to bring the hospital from its stagnant state, to a well-groomed, modernized manifestation of healthcare for the people of area.  This manifestation is needed from the size of our, not intended to grow 1970’s building, to our old and outdated equipment.  We intend to triumph in the race for patient satisfaction; therefore, we recognize the importance of modern and innovative technology.  However, a caterpillar does not transform into a beautiful butterfly overnight.  Nor does a hospital with little to no extra capital for future projects; therefore, like all other Hospital Service Districts, we must depend on the goodness of our taxpayers.


Our hospital has recently expanded our Service District, allowing our boundaries to realign north to the state line and east to Washington Parish.  Unlike the beautiful butterfly, our hospital cannot undergo such a radical transformation alone, we need the support of the people, organizations and businesses of this community.  We are working closely with the Parish Council to develop a resolution that would satisfy all voters.  This story will be developing within the next weeks. When asked, our community always expresses the need for Hood Memorial to grow and develop the services that are offered.  Your voices are heard and we are working to offer “big city” healthcare right here in your backyard.  Our focus and objective is to continue to expand services to make our dreams and your healthcare needs a reality.

Hood Memorial is known throughout our community and the surrounding area as a friendly, caring, progressive Hospital and we anticipate that to never change; however, our goal is to maintain that enviable reputation and be able to provide our community with the services needed right here at home.