Hood Memorial Hospital Names New CNO

September 30, 2017

September 30, 2017

One of the highest nursing management positions within a healthcare organization is that of the chief nursing officer (CNO). A CNO is responsible for overseeing and coordinating an organization’s nursing department and its daily operations. As the primary spokesperson for nurses, the chief nursing officer also works to align the nursing staff with the mission, values and vision of the organization.  I am pleased to announce that Fran St. Pierre has been named Hood Memorial Hospital’s CNO.


Please take a moment to congratulate Fran for her constant efforts toward change and motivation.  She has proven to be a strategic thinker with dynamic problem-solving skills.  Her ability to lead, along with her flexibility and willingness to also follow, has secured her the 1st ever title of CNO at Hood Memorial Hospital.


Congratulations Fran and thank you for all you do.